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Sunscreen for scars. Can I wear sunscreen & Dermaflage?

Yes and you should! Scars are highly susceptible to sun damage and doctors recommend sunscreen for scars. You can wear a mineral powder foundation with SPF or an oil-free zinc sunscreen under the Dermaflage. You can also use a spray over top of the Dermaflage if you prefer.

Does Dermaflage work for raised or keloid scars?

Dermaflage does not work well for keloid scars because it is intended to fill in a recession.

Can I take Dermaflage on a plane?

Yes! You can carry your Dermaflage on, just treat it like you do all of the other liquids. Also, the altitude does not change the composition or performance.

Why is only one side of the applicator tinted?

First it is important to understand that Dermaflage is a two part silicone. Two equal parts of Side A and Side B must mix together before the silicone will harden and form a solid. You cannot conceal your scar with just one side of the applicator. The silicone will never harden or complete the scientific reaction that requires equal parts of both sides.

Next, here at Silicone Arts Labs we have found that only tinting one side allows our customers natural undertones to shine through. You aren’t opaquing out your skin tone, simply leveling the plane of your face for a flawless smooth complexion.


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