Mineral Powder Foundation with Sunscreen – Protection and a Flawless Finish!

full coverage mineral foundation
Full coverage mineral powder foundation with sunscreen

Full Coverage Mineral Powder Foundation with Sunscreen

Multi-taskers of the world will welcome mineral powder foundation with sunscreen to streamline their beauty routines. Truth be told, our overflowing makeup arsenal doesn’t suggest a minimalist approach as much as it screams “more is more!” Nonetheless, when it comes to what we put on our skin, we believe that “less is more” on an ingredient list. The rise of mineral makeup shows that we’re not the only ones who think this type of powder foundation is just as ingenious for what’s left out of the formula as what’s in it, making buzzwords out of terms like talc-free, fragrance-free, and paraben-free. Just when you thought this complexion savior couldn’t get any better, it has upped its game with an upgraded version: mineral powder foundation with sunscreen.


In recent years, we’ve watched mineral makeup evolve from a niche beauty product with a devoted cult of fans to a wildly popular, mainstream makeup made by a growing number of brands in all price points. When it hit the market, mineral powder foundation quickly became a game-changing product for many people, but especially those with acne or sensitive skin, because it provided natural-looking, breathable coverage without any of the “bad stuff” that can cause irritation. And yet, this formula still wasn’t quite perfect because it needed to be paired with a broad-spectrum SPF in order to go beyond coverage and actually prevent sun damage like darkened scars, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and potentially lessen the risk of skin cancer. Now, minerals have gotten one step closer to perfection with Made in the Shade Mineral Powder Foundation with SPF 26 by Dermaflage, an ultra-gentle, believable-coverage mineral powder with sunscreen. The result of a unique collaboration between dermatologists and Hollywood special effects makeup artists, Made in the Shade lives up to the quality and innovation of the Dermaflage brand. Though it’s specially formulated to work seamlessly under Dermaflage topical filler to cover indented scars, it’s a makeup-meets-skincare must-have for anyone who wants the benefit of a foundation with SPF built-in.


In case we lost you at “sunscreen” trust us – mineral powder foundation with sunscreen is the answer to all your issues with this vital but often avoided product. We get it, no matter how many times you’ve heard that sunscreen is the only real fountain of youth, the thought of adding another layer of anything onto your face in the sweltering summer heat isn’t very appealing. Not to mention that if you are battling acne or clogged pores, you might be afraid that sunscreen will make you break out. Without a better option, you may even choose to risk sun damage or sunburn rather than use a sunscreen that’s shiny, sticky, or greasy in any way. For those of you who do use sunscreen under your foundation (bonus points for you), there’s the added issue of reapplication – a necessary evil that needs to be done many times throughout the day to give you enough UV protection. Even if you wanted to follow the UV ray “rules” and reapply your SPF over your foundation, it’s impossible to do so without ending up with a makeup meltdown. So, like anything else that’s inconvenient and messy, it’s not likely to be done on a regular basis.


These common complaints about sunscreen make mineral powder foundation with SPF a hero product for anyone who has had to choose between clear skin and sun protection. The on-the-go convenience factor is definitely another plus, since you can carry the Made in the Shade compact with you in your purse, car, or beach bag for a portable and powerful UV shield that’s super-easy to reapply so you’re skin is protected throughout the day. Instead of using harsh and potentially-irritating chemicals, this mineral powder foundation creates a safe physical sunscreen UVA/UVB barrier with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that doesn’t clog pores and is gentle enough for even ultra-sensitive skin. It further ups its advantage by offering long-wearing yet lightweight coverage that’s long lasting and luminous. It may be used to cover a scar or blemish, or applied all over the face to create a smooth, even canvas that looks like real skin instead of makeup. Learn more about this multi-tasking mineral powder foundation with sunscreen at: https://dermaflage.com/shop/foundation-with-spf/


Most of us look better with a bit of skin-smoothing coverage, whether it’s an all-over veil of foundation, a special makeup for scars, or acne scar makeup, and everyone needs a broad-spectrum SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, prevent sun damage,  and more importantly even lessen the risk of skin cancer. Thanks to double-duty mineral powder foundation with sunscreen, there’s no excuse to skip UV protection in your everyday routine. The newest formulas, such as Made in the Shade Mineral Powder Foundation with SPF 26, makes sunscreen hassle-free to use and reapply all day, every day of the year.  If you’ve discovered your favorite mineral powder foundation with sun protection, leave us a comment on what makes it great!