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Mineral Powder vs. Liquid Foundation

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Mineral Powder vs Liquid Foundation

We all know that acne prone skin is also usually oily skin. Finding foundation for oily, acne skin can often times be challenging. So, after extensive research, Dermaflage bloggers have found that it is more reasonable for someone with oily or acne irritated skin to use powder foundation. Generally speaking there are three types of foundation that are used the most; liquid foundation, mineral powder, and pressed powder. The powder we are referring to is the mineral powder. There are endless reasons as to why using mineral powder for this type of skin is the healthiest choice, and that is why we want to shed some light on why and how you can help your skin with mineral powder, for this specific skin type.

Keep Pores Clean

Mineral powder is great for oily skin prone to acne because of how lightly it sits on the skin. The differences between liquid foundation and mineral powder is that liquid foundation seeps into your skin making one believe it is blending more smoothly with their skin. However, the truth is when liquid foundation seeps into your skin it is clogging your pores, making perspiration harder to escape, eventually leading to break-outs. Whereas, mineral powder lays nicely over your pores and absorbs any oil and perspiration more easily. Because it absorbs oily and perspiration instead of mixing with it and making it more difficult to escape, your skin is less likely to break-out.


Lasting Looks

A liquid foundation also settles into your fine lines and wrinkles, making them appear deeper than they are, and again, because a mineral powder sits nice and lightly over your skin, it does a better job of hiding those fine lines and wrinkles. As a dry foundation mineral powder tends to stay put in warmer weather and when perspiration can be a problem. Liquid foundation in warm, muggy weather tends to cake up, appearing to look thick, discoloured, and uncomfortable and applied unevenly, depending on where the skin holds the most sweat.

Brush Cleaning Tips

Lastly, mineral powder contains fewer preservatives and additives than conventional liquid foundations and pressed powders, giving skin more natural and healthy minerals, allowing one to look younger longer. Another way to make sure skin does not become irritated and stays acne free, is making sure to clean your brushes regularly. This sounds time consuming and difficult, but there is a super easy way to do this. All you need is baby shampoo, water, and your makeup brush. After applying your makeup, take the time once a week to wash the brush out using water and baby shampoo, set it out to dry while you are out for the day and when you return home you should have a clean and dry brush that works as good as new!


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