How to Cover Scars on Face
Will I have a Scar on my Face?

Proper wound care is the biggest factor in minimizing facial scarring. But even with perfect scar care, there is a chance you will have a lingering scar. Don’t worry – there are options.

Indented Scars

For indented scars, you need to cover the indented area so that it will not have a shadow. Dermaflage has combined the best medical technology and Hollywood concealer techniques to offer a Topical Scar Filler Makeup to make a facial scar disappear instantly. At $40, it is an affordable option for at home usage.

Purple or Red Scars

If you have a flat discoloured scar, then you will need to do some colour correction with the help of a high pigment, long lasting concealer. Our Concealer Palette is great makeup for scars on face because a small amount blocks the discolouration and can be blended into the surrounding skin for a natural look.

Body Makeup for Scars

Most cosmetics focus on how to hide facial scars, but a shoulder scar or a leg bruise can be just as embarrassing. A C-section scar or an appendectomy scar can be bothersome when you are ready to show off the beach bod. To block the discolouration from scars or bruises, you need a highly pigmented makeup. See this tutorial for leg bruise makeup.

Scar products work the same on the face as well as the body. Scar treatments for body scars can be performed by medical professionals. And if you want a quick fix for hiding a body scar, then you can look into body makeup for scars.