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Stars Who Cover Scars Up

Stars Who Cover Scars Up

Today’s society is full of people driven by fame. More people exercise for appearances instead of health. Makeup is used to enhance beauty for the approval of others rather than self-approval. New diets are tested daily, because another celebrity has told their little “secret”, for weight loss. People strive to be accepted by society and look to celebrities for tips on perfection. But celebrities are human too; they live with the same fears and insecurities. Here are a few pictures of celebrities with small visible scars. However, these imperfections do not hold these people back; they add character and embrace their imperfections. Celebrities most likely cover scars up on red carpet appearances or movie premiers.

1. Prince William (Harry Potter Scar)
Prince William Scar









2. Brittany Snow (Forehead Scar)

Brittany Snow scar 2









3. Ruby Rose (Forehead Scar)

ruby rose scar 3








4. Seal (Facial Scarring)

Seal Scar









5. Tina Fey (Chin Scar)

Tina Fey Scar









6. J.R. Martinez (Facial Scarring)

J.R. Martinez Scar









7. Mary J. Blige (Scar below eye)

Mary J Blige Scar









8. Harrison Ford (Chin Scar)

Harrison Ford Scar









9. Catherine Zeta-Jones (Neck Scar)

Catherine Zeta-Jones Scar









10. Sandra Bullock (Scar beside eye)

Sandra Bullock Scar






Stay grounded in this world. Be confident in yourself. Do not forget that everyone has his or her own imperfections. Do not weigh heavily on these imperfections. If skin imperfections have a hold on how boldly you live, then take time out to do the things that help build confidence. If you have scars similar to these stars and they intimidate you, causing you to not live up to your full potential, check out Dermaflage.


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