How do I remove Dermaflage?

You simply rub the edge with your finger to peel it off. If you have sensitive skin you may want to try our specially formulated Dermaflage Remover.

How long does it last?

Dermaflage lasts up to 36 hours, however we have some customers report wearing it for up to 3 days!

Do you test on animals?

NO! We have never tested on animals and we NEVER will!

Sunscreen for scars. Can I wear sunscreen & Dermaflage?

Yes and you should! Scars are highly susceptible to sun damage and doctors recommend sunscreen for scars. We have a specially formulated sunscreen for scars called “ScarScreen” that works perfectly underneath Dermaflage. You can also use a spray over top of the Dermaflage if you prefer.

Does Dermaflage work for raised or keloid scars?

Dermaflage does not work well for keloid scars because it is intended to fill in a recession.

Can I take Dermaflage on a plane?

Yes! You can carry your Dermaflage on, just treat it like you do all of the other liquids. Also, the altitude does not change the composition or performance.

Why is only one side of the applicator tinted?

First it is important to understand that Dermaflage is a two part silicone. Two equal parts of Side A and Side B must mix together before the silicone will harden and form a solid. You cannot conceal your scar with just one side of the applicator. The silicone will never harden or complete the scientific reaction that requires equal parts of both sides.

Next, here at Silicone Arts Labs we have found that only tinting one side allows our customers natural undertones to shine through. You aren’t opaquing out your skin tone, simply leveling the plane of your face for a flawless smooth complexion.

What's the best way to blend the silicone?

It is important to smooth the edges with broad strokes to blend flush with your skin- do not poke or dab. If it doesn’t look good before you add the pad, it’s not going to going to be perfect after you remove the pad.

What do I do if I have a large area to cover?

Don’t try to cover too much at once. You will get better results if you work on one area at a time. After the silicone blend has been squeezed out of the applicator, it begins to change from a liquid to a firm consistency.

Using makeup with Dermaflage

Don’t ever apply liquid foundation over the top of Dermaflage. You can use mineral powder foundation underneath the Dermaflage if you need to color match or you can use airbrush makeup on top.

What is the Return Policy?

We have a comprehensive help library with how-to and tutorial videos. However, if Dermaflage is not a fit for whatever reason, we offer a money back guarantee on all starter kits.

To return, you must complete a form for a Return Authorization Code and ship back to us within 30 days of order.

Write the Return Authorization Code on your original invoice and send back the unused portion in its original packaging. Returns can take up to a week to be processed. Once we receive your return, we will issue credit to the card you used to purchase the product and you will receive an email confirmation. Allow 10 days for the credit to show up on your card. We cannot refund any orders without the Return Authorization Code and we cannot refund the shipping cost.

Do you ship internationally?

We offer international shipping to New Zealand and other countries by request. Recipient is responsible for any duty or tax charged by the destination country.

Customers in Asia and Europe should check with our partners for less expensive shipping options.

Singapore: International Medical Group, Singapore

European Union and United Kingdom: JD Harris

South Korea: Makeup Magic

Taiwan: Cinema Secrets Taiwan

Hong Kong: Lavedo Laser Centre

For Australia and New Zealand, please contact us on contact@dermaflage.com.au 

How do I match my skin color?

We are so sure that we can match your tone, we guarantee it!  Since Dermaflage is a thin translucent covering, your natural skin will show through. If it turns out you need a shade darker or lighter- we’ll send it to you for free (one time within 30 days of initial purchase). This offer applies to Dermflage tube only - other accessories (primer, brushes, tips, removers are exempt)

Consult the Dermaflage Tone Chart to match your complexion and pick a starter kit.


Will this work for lines around the mouth?

Unfortunately, our products are not great for filling in lines around the mouth due to the high muscle movement of the area.

Do you offer free samples?

Unfortunately, we are economically unable to offer samples of our products. However, we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all Concealer Starter Kits so, if you order our product and are unsatisfied for any reason, you may return your Concealer Starter Kit for a full refund.

Why didn't a primer come in my Concealer Starter kit?

We changed our formula in July of 2015 so that the primer is now included in the Dermaflage formula therefore, the small bottle of primer is no longer a necessity. Those with very oily skin or those who spend a lot of time in the water may still need the primer but again, it is not a necessity for most people.

Why can't I use two promo codes at once?

You may only use one promo code for each transaction.

Does this product work on stretch marks?

Dermaflage is not great for concealing stretch marks as most stretch marks are flat. Our product is a silicone “filler” so it is intended to fill recessions in the skin.

Why didn't I receive a refund for my accessory items (primer, remover, etc.)?

We are only able to offer a refund on a Concealer Starter Kit. We are unable to offer refunds on primer, remover, ScarScreen, mixing tips, foundation powder and Dermaflage bags.

Why is the Dermaflage not sticking to my skin?

If you are having trouble with adhesion, make sure you are starting with completely clean skin (no moisturizer or liquid makeup underneath the Dermaflage). If this doesn’t help, you should try the extended wear primer.

Why is the Dermaflage appearing raised?

If the Dermaflage appears raised after application, you have simply used too much product. A drop of Dermaflage the size a small asprin will spread the size of a quarter. It is possible to smooth Dermaflage so thin on flat skin that it is undetectable so it is certainly possible to fill in any recession without the Dermaflage appearing raised.

Can I use the mixing tips more than once?

The mixing tips are a one time use only.

Where can I purchase this product in a store?

Currently Dermaflage is ONLY available from our authorised website www.dermflage.com.au


How long is transit time for shipping?

We ship by Australia Post and cannot take responsibility for their shipping times. On average you should expect delivery as follows: International shipping time is typically 5-7 business days.
Domestic shipping time is 2-9 business days.