Dark Circles Under Eyes

The Secret to Great Makeup? Eliminating Discolouration.

Dermaflage brings the best formulations & techniques from the pro makeup artists in Hollywood to the public. Dermaflage products solve the hardest beauty challenges like how to hide dark circles under eyes, acne concealment & redness. With heavy pigment & long-wear time you are assured that your makeup will look natural & keep you covered all day.


Products Used In the Video

The Best Color Corrector From Hollywood Makeup Artists

A pro trick that eliminates the dark circles under eyes

Works for all skin tones

Hypoallergenic- great for sensitive skin

Heavily pigmented for all-day wear

Water resistant



Color corrector makeup is based on colour theory and the colour wheel. It uses colours opposite the colour wheel that cancel each other out. So for example, since green is across from red green colour corrector is used to cancel out skin redness. The colour corrector makeup is a light formulation that blends easily into the skin so that only a hint of the corrective colour is visible after you put it on. Once you apply your foundation over top the corrective colour disappears!

Curious to know more? Click here for a great blog article on how to apply colour corrector.

A Concealer That Covers It All & Won’t Rub Off

Behind the Scenes Concealer from Dermaflage is the only high-pigment concealer that is 100% water & smudge-proof. No setting powder or spray needed! Developed in Hollywood SFX to cover tattoos, this is the way a concealer is supposed to be.

A Mineral Powder With The Coverage Of A Liquid Foundation

Look great & do something good for your skin! Made in the Shade is the most pigmented mineral powder available, specially formulated to cover the redness caused by acne & rosacea. Packed with antioxidants & natural SPF, Made in the Shade is a great way to protect your skin from harmful environmental toxins while looking your best!