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tattoo cover up

Tattoo Cover Up Makeup Options

Tattoo cover up makeup can be a great solution, but there are lots of concealers that don’t cut it. In the articles below, we review what works to cover up tattoos, waterproof tattoo makeup ideas, and other products to cover tattoos.

Pro Makeup Artist Tips on Tattoo Cover Up

We enlisted the help of our pro makeup artist friends to learn tips on covering tattoos with the best products that have high pigment to block the dark pigment of tattoos.

How Much Does it Cost to Cover Tattoos?

The pro’s don’t mess around with cheap products for a reason – if their products don’t perform, their client is MAD!  In most cases, pro artists have to buy their own products, so they don’t want to overspend. They want value. So if you want a tattoo cover that lasts all day, you need a product that blocks tattoos and lasts all day. Generally you are not going to find it for $10, but if you can spend $25-$35 on a product, you can get much better quality and be pleased with the results. Happy Hiding!

Looking for tattoo cover up ideas? Here they are… Tattoos are cool. Until they’re not… and you need to cover them up. Maybe you love your ink but need to hide it when you meet the conservative prospective in-laws? Maybe you got an awesome tattoo on spring break that isn’t…

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