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skin cancer

Skin cancer is devastating and can leave behind terrible scars that are daily reminders of this horrific disease.  Dermaflage can conceal skin cancer scars and give you back your confidence.

Full Coverage Mineral Powder Foundation with Sunscreen Multi-taskers of the world will welcome mineral powder foundation with sunscreen to streamline their beauty routines. Truth be told, our overflowing makeup arsenal doesn’t suggest a minimalist approach as much as it screams “more is more!” Nonetheless, when it comes to what we…

Sunscreen for Scars Protects from Discolouration

Now that summer is in its last hurrah,  you may be more focused on sweater weather than on using your sunscreen for scars. Though it may be tempting to slack off on the sun protection routine, we beg you, think twice before retiring your sunscreen supply until next pool season. You’ve heard…

celebrity skin cancer scars

Good news: No More Cancer. Bad News: Very Noticeable Skin Cancer Scar on Your Face. Two million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every year One in five will develop a skin cancer in their lifetimes Most skin cancers occur on the face Surgery often leaves skin cancer scars Carolyn…

Dermatologist Recommendations For Scars