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Medical Makeup for Concealing Facial Scars

What is the Best Medical Makeup?

Ever wonder what exactly “medical makeup” is? What a terrible name. It’s just makeup that is higher in pigment than regular makeup and can be used to cover many skin issues.

Medical makeup is a type of camouflaging cosmetics originally developed by dermatologists that is intended to treat a variety of skin conditions such as birthmarks, stretch marks, or scarring from surgery or disfiguring injuries. Medical makeup is intended to cover flaws or markings that regular makeup will not cover.  Medical makeup is thicker in texture and its application lasts longer than regular makeup. It comes in the form of concealers, foundations, and powders.

Traditional medical concealers are wax-based making them very heavy with a cakey finish. Newer formulations are made from silicone that creates a natural finish as well as the full coverage you need. Be sure to look for medical makeup foundation that is transfer-proof, waterproof and does not require a setting powder or spray.

medical makeup

However, a standard concealer doesn’t cut it when it comes to recessed or indented scars. For instance, heavy makeup over an indented dog bite or skin cancer scar may conceal a discoloured scar, but does nothing for the uneven skin which in many cases is worse than the discolouration. As well, not much has changed in the world of medical makeup over the last twenty years. It’s still just a… well, heavy and cakey makeup.

What about Hiding a Facial Scar?

Medical makeup for scars on face can be tricky. Since a facial scar is more prominent, it can be embarrassing if the makeup does not look super realistic. Leave it to the makeup artists in Hollywood special effects to bring forth an innovation in scar concealment. Instead of wax-based makeup that melts under the hot lights on the set, they use silicone to conceal everything from wrinkles and scars to piercing holes! We use this technique and simplified it into a Concealer Kit that everyone can use to get the same life-like results. The first cosmetic that looks like real skin.

For fun, take a closer look at Harrison Ford. He has multiple ear piercings yet in his movies they are never visible… his famous scar was also missing in the Jackie Robinson movie, 42.

Harrison Ford's facial scar with Dermaflage medical makeup

Want to see more facial scar transformations? Check out these amazing before after pictures of Dermaflage customers.

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